Mariana Lin's writing has appeared in publications such as The Paris Review, the Huffington Post, New York magazine, GQ, Time Out New York, and Picture. Her poetry has been selected as finalist for the Mississippi Review Prize, Arts & Letters Rumi Poetry Prize, and semifinalist in The New Guard Literary Review's Knightville Poetry Contest. She has been educated at Swarthmore College, UC Berkeley, and Columbia School of Journalism. 




She worked as a creative director at Apple, wrote for the voice of Siri, and consults for Hanson Robotics' Sophia and on other AI creative projects.

Mariana Lin was born in Taipei. She grew up in New Jersey and has lived in New York, Paris, and Northern California, where she currently lives with her son. She enjoys a mildly boring life amidst hummingbirds, IEPs, and bitter melon curries.